Ecuador Trail Tour

First multi-stage challenge in Ecuador. A demanding 3 day race, covering a distance of 120 km throughout Ecuador’s regions.


  • Sep 17 - 18 - 19, 2020


  • Ecuador
  • Exact start line location and route will be revealed on Sep 1st, 2020


  • Assisted race


  • Trail Running.


  • Approximately 120 - 150 km.


  • Open Men.
  • Open Women.
  • Male Team.
  • Female Team.
  • Co-ed Team.
  • 4 Member Team.
Route and race details:

  • Maps to be revealed on Sep 1st, 2020 in the technical briefing.
  • Ecuador Trail Tour is a 3 day trail running multi-stage competition. The race will consist approximately in 120 - 150 km for all categories.
  • It will be a Trial course that may have ranges with an altitude close to 4000 mamsl. and other sections on warmer and lower areas.
  • Acclimatization to high altitude at least 3 days prior to the event is highly recommended to people not used to living in these conditions.
  • Every competitor must acquire a valid medical insurance (if someone doesn’t have a permanent one, it can be obtained only for the race days).
International Teams:

  • International competitors need to travel to “Mariscal Sucre” International Airport in Quito.
  • Ecuador Trail Tour will have an official hotel for all foreign competitors. It is recommended to arrive 3 days before, Sep 17th, 2020 for weather acclimatization.
  • International Competitors can email us their flight itinerary so we can help them coordinate their lodging and transportation to the Ecuador Trail Tour official hotel in Quito.

Mandatory racing equipment during the competition

  • Hydration pack with 1 liter capacity.
  • Sufficient food and caloric intake for a minimum of a 2 hour period.
  • Space blanket.
  • flashlight head.
  • Long sleeve wind and waterproof jacket.
  • GPS or watch with navigation system.

Mandatory camping equipment

  • Tent.
  • Sleeping bag.
  • Warm clothes for camping (first 2 days).
  • Appropriate clothing for hot weather (last day).
  • Food for the race.
  • Dinnerware: a bowl, a dinner plate, silverware (spoon, fork and knife), glass or cup.
  • Each competitor is responsible of setting up and cleaning up their camping spot, without leaving any trash behind.
  • A lantern.
  • Duffle bag with maximum capacity of 70 liters.


To register in the Ecuador Trail Tour, please follow the steps:

    1. Fill up the application form located on the Registration section of the website.
    2. Early Bird Price 200 USD plus taxes until December 31, 2019
    3. As of January 1, 2020 the registration fee is 250 USD plus taxes
    4. Send the deposit voucher to the following email: “”

Payment Methods:

  • Credit card, you can defer the total value to 3 - 6 - 12 months.
  • Early Bird Price 200 USD usd plus taxes until December 31, 2019. The registration cost is 250 USD plus taxes.
  • Registration payment guarantees participation on the event.

Total cost includes:

  • Race registration.
  • Logistic support during the race (no supplies needed).
  • Meals for 3 days served at camping area.
  • Unlimited hydration during 3 days of camping.
  • Medical assistance available during 3 days of camping.
  • Personal Hygiene (showers and bathrooms).
  • Shuttle of competitor´s camping gear
  • Official race shirt.
  • Opening, closing and award ceremony.
  • Sponsors gifts.
  • Security on the course.
  • Finisher medal.
  • Official pictures and videos of the competition.

Payment information:

Payment methods for national teams:

1.    Bank transfer:
Cta. Corriente (Checkings account): #02052027402
Nombre (Name): “WILSON HERRERA”
Teléfonos (Phone numbers): 2243281 / 0999048857
CI: 1002237707

2.    Cash deposit:
Cta. Corriente (Checkings account): #02052027402
Nombre (Name): “WILSON HERRERA”
CI: 1002237707

3.    Personally:
El Día N37-91 y el Mercurio UIO - ECU, "Yard" offices.

4.    Credit Card:
El Día N37-91 y el Mercurio UIO - ECU, "Yard" offices.

Payment methods for international competitors:

1.    Western Union:
Approximate shipping cost: 20 USD - 150 USD.
CI. 1715765325


  • There will be no refund of the registration fee after MAY 1, 2020.

Category changes:

  • If you wish to change of category, please send an requirement to the following email:


.+ 593 2 924196 / +593 2 265249
. + 593 99 904 8857 / + 593 99 349 0795
Ecuador Trail Tour